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From the pen of Chris Gregory Blog
From the pen of Chris Gregory Blog

Hi! I'm CHRIS GREGORY from Lancaster, England.

I'm the author of two published works, BE SEEING YOU: DECODING THE PRISONER and STAR TREK: PARALLEL NARRATIVES. Click on the icons to the left for details. My aim in writing these and other books on mass media and popular culture has been to share my regard for certain 'media texts' which have inspired me. Though I am a former lecturer, I'm not a professional academic and I hope that my work will have a much wider reach than an academic audience. I'm currently working on books on THE BEATLES and MONTY PYTHON, extracts from which will be appearing on this website soon.

I'm also a published poet and writer of short stories. If you click on the different sections above you'll see various examples of my work.

I'm particularly interested in the ways in which an ever-expanding mass media culture is creating its own mythological structures and is returning us to a new kind of tribalism - fulfilling Marshall McLuhan's prophecy that the world is becoming a 'global village'... I believe it's important - at this particular moment in time - that we all focus on preventing this 'village' becoming a kind of 'prison'. Global communications could mean fantastic freedom for us all, but this could easily be curtailed by the creation of a global 'surveillance society'.

My HOME page has more information about the site. By all means email me at with your thoughts on the material here and/or proposals for links to other sites. I've recently launched a blog where you can find out more about my current interests. The blog.

I've also been developing a style of 'warped' pic's to illustrate my work, as you'll see on some of the pages!

My thanks to Paul Ely for the original design and creation of this site and to Aalia Wayfare for his continued technical help and advice.



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