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From the pen of Chris Gregory contains a selection of my writing on poetry, fiction, short stories, plays and various aspects of popular culture,especially BOB DYLAN, THE BEATLES and THE PRISONER.


I have been exercising my ‘pen’ for many years, thanks to Mum and Dad who ‘hothoused’ me with my  letters when I was a tot!  I wrote my first novel when I was eight (sadly lost!) but have been turning out many millions of words ever since. I’m now a fully independent publisher through my imprint the plotted plain press.

I perform on a pretty unusual stage act as a poet using music, sound collages and multi-media effects.  I have also worked as a teacher and lecturer at all levels inside and outside the education system. It’s my belief, though, that the existence of digital media means that the borders between ‘education’ and ‘entertainment’ are rapidly disappearing. I hope to educate and to entertain!

On the site you can obtain copies of : DETERMINED TO STAND: The Reinvention of Bob Dylan, WHO COULD ASK FOR MORE: Reclaiming The Beatles (both of which are available as books, e-books and audio books) and BE SEEING YOU: Decoding The Prisoner (available in book form).

You’ll also see links here to my podcasts, which are designed to complement the blogs.

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