POEM: Great White Whale

POEM: Great White Whale


The founding fathers of America

Are now preparing to set sail,

Lining up behind Captain Ahab,

On a quest for the Great White Whale…


The Fathers dream of a pristine world,

Cleansed of sin by fiery breath…

All those possessed by impure thoughts

Allowed a swift and precise death.

But those who oppose the fathers’ will

Even in far off foreign lands,

Will be crushed by the Lord’s infinite mercy,

Brushed aside by divine hands


The avenging hosts of America

Are sweeping down like a howling gale,

On the unbelievers who defy them,

The worshippers of the Great White Whale


The storm is gathering, the harpoons sharpened,

A massive rumbling in the sky

Announcing the holy retribution

That will rain down from on high.

Satellite pictures have identified

An exact location for the beast,

Now we sit by the TV waiting,

Sharpening our knives for the feast


The white hatted heroes of America

Are primed and ready. They cannot fail

John Wayne and Gary Cooper

Will exterminate the Great White Whale


Now the shock and awe descends,

The terror in the eyes of the uncomprehending,

The mercy of God mysteriously revealed,

A love that is never ending…

Compassion that cannot be measured,

Salvation that cannot be named,

Liberation that cannot be whispered,

This is no time to feel ashamed


Because the founding fathers of America

Know the predestined time is come

When the nations will bow in supplication

To the American Millenium


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