POEM: Gypsy Blood





You must have gypsy blood-

The way you sing that song

And toss back your hair-

The way your body swirls

To the pounding throb

Of the gypsy drums

And the violin…

You catch the fiddler’s eye

In the candle’s gleam

As you take three steps back

Into shadowland-

As the voices call you back

To your gypsy home,

Your eyes burn the dark

With a wild flame,

And you grit your teeth

On a thorny rose

As the coal-black night

Throws a cloak of stars

Around your shaking limbs…

You take another step

Into my line of sight

And laughing, snarling, defiant

You step out into the light-

You must have gypsy blood,

The way you sing that song

To the open road and the open sky,

The way that candle flame

Catches a secret corner

Of your roving eye-

And I wait, watching

My transported image

Burning within-

I wait, mesmerised

For our dance to begin…



POEM: Great White Whale 5) The Whiteness Of The Whale


Ahab’s leg was ripped away,

His manhood ruptured by the rage

Of an elemental force of nature,



Snow-blinded by an icy shadow

That slowly terrorised the sky

An all embracing whiteness fell

Upon his eyes


The light of God departed

And Ahab stood alone,

The sun dropped into the ocean

Like a stone


Day and night, he never rested.

Fixated on his goal,

The whiteness had eaten deep

Into his soul


For years he roamed the oceans

Under countless unfurled sails

Until finally he stood face to face

With the whale


Soaring up high above the storm

Tossed waves, his nemesis

Confronted him with the darkest

Secret kiss


The voice that roars inside us

Can never be killed or tamed

Or captured or constricted

By a name