POEM: Transfusion

POEM: Transfusion

The bodies lie


In democratic rows

As the switches

Are thrown

One by one

And the blood flows

A million silent mouse clicks

Making an aggregate,

A figure to weigh in calculation.

Today it is down

Against pork rinds and frozen steaks


The price of the blood,

Is fixed on invisible scales,

It has been weighed

And measured, fitted tightly

Into sealed sterilised capsules,

Flown across the world in no time


Now the tubes are hooked up

To thousands

Of life support machines.



It will be pumping,

Gushing like thick black

Spurting oil

Into our homes, the corpuscles

Merging and mixing,

Circulating into a billion

New homes


Its worth

Precisely calculated;

Its energy

Fuelling our hearts


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